Got Photo Booth?

DittoSnaps is Southern California’s source for Special Event Photo Booths. Capture the fun of your next party or event with a new spin on an old favorite! You won't be disappointed!

Get Dittoed!

Remember the old fashioned booths where you took pictures with your friends and then waited an eternity for the long strip of black and whites to come out of the slot? We all have one of those tucked into a photo album or treasure box and have such nostalgic memories of this by-gone era. Well, dream no more. The photo booth has been revived, given a modern spin and is more fun than ever!

The booth will be delivered and set up on location in plenty of time for your event to begin. An attentive attendant will accompany the booth in order to make the experience run smoothly. Simply slip behind the curtain, set your pose, push the buttons and the magic will begin!

A choice of many photo options and background designs are available for your event. Our booths can be adorned for your most elegant celebration or decked out for your craziest bash.

No Elevator? No problem… The DittoSnaps Photo Booth can go where other booths have trouble going. It has been designed to be portable, yet still provide the nostalgic photo booth experience. We can even provide your yacht with a photo booth!